Cattior Mens Plaid Bedroom Slippers House Slippers Gray NnDyMaFV

Cattior Mens Plaid Bedroom Slippers House Slippers Gray NnDyMaFV
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Cattior Mens Plaid Bedroom Slippers House Slippers Gray NnDyMaFV Cattior Mens Plaid Bedroom Slippers House Slippers Gray NnDyMaFV Cattior Mens Plaid Bedroom Slippers House Slippers Gray NnDyMaFV Cattior Mens Plaid Bedroom Slippers House Slippers Gray NnDyMaFV
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CIRCLE FIVE Cristobal De La O

Cristobal was also likely related to the Antonia de la O, who married Jose Fernandez and then Ysidro Ojas. This conclusion is based on the fact that, in 1796, the padrinos at Cristobal and Gertrudis’s daughter Sebastiana’s baptism were Antonia Fernandez and Ysidro Ojas. ( Material Girl Womens Melanie Low Top Lace Up Fashion Sneakers Bronze zGnNZ
.) (As discussed above, Antonia Fernandez was the daughter of Jose Fernandez and Antonia de la O.) This fact suggests that Antonia and Cristobal were related to each other, possibly brother and sister, aunt and nephew, or cousins.

Cristobal de la O was the father and grandfather of the De La Os who helped to settle Doña Ana, New Mexico. In 1791, Cristobal married Gertrudis Cobos (Covos) in Guajoquilla. ( FHL 162511, p. 138 .) To read about the Cobos family of Guajoquilla, click . Based on a review of records, this Cristobal is likely the son of Paulin de la O and Gertrudis Ronquillo.

Cristobal Gertrudis Cobos

In about 1795, Cristobal De La O founded the first primary school in Guajoquilla and became the presidio town’s first teacher. (Francisco Almada, Resumen del Municipio de Jimemez , p. 35.) He became a teacher via military orders, which suggests that he had a military affiliation. In his home or at the home of the military chaplain Rafael Nevares, he taught the children of soldiers and residents of the town how to read, write and count. As Francisco Almada explained:

En el curso de 1795 visitó el presidio militar y la población el expresado Mariscal Nava, quien dejó instrucciones al capitán Garcia de Tejada para que procediera a establecer una escuela de primeras letras, con objecto de que aprendieran a leer, escriber y contar los hijos de los soldados y vecinos. El segundo hizo arreglos con don Cristóbal de la O, quien se obligó a recibir en su casa habitación a los niños de primera enseñanza que se le enviaran, obligándose a impartirles los rudimentos expresados en el término de un año, mediante la paga de tres pesos por cada uno de ellos. La escuela primaria fundada por el professor de la O es la primera de que he encontrado noticias en la actual Ciudad de Jiménez y funcionó en una pieza de la casa habitación del Pbro. Rafael Navárez, que cedió gratuitamente para el objecto y se encontraba unicaba en la calle Hildalgo.

From 1794 to 1814, Cristobal De La O served as a witness at over 65 marriages in Guajoquilla for members of both the main Presidio and the Compañia Volante communities. As for De La O weddings, he served as the testigo at the wedding of Rita De La O and Tomas Amancio ( FHL 162513, p. 101 ), at the wedding of Dolores De La O and Jose Senteno ( FHL 162511, p. 207-208 ), and at the wedding of Atanacio De La O and Magdelina Salcido. ( MICHAEL Michael Kors Womens Allie Trainer Sneakers Black BvDAQk
). He was a testigo at a marriage where Tiburcio’s daughter Gertrudis De La O served as madrina. (FHL 162511, p. 138 .) In the record books, he was often times referred to “Xbal Lao.” Cristobal frequently served as testigo alongside the chaplain’s brother, Buenaventura Nevares. Buenaventura was the padrino for Cristobal and Gertrudis’ son, Francisco. ( Carolbar Womens Ankle Strap Retro Fashion Cosplay Party Multi Buckle Platform Chunky High Heel Dress Sandals Black JsmA3dD2

Maine and the Civil War

By Easemax Womens Elegant Faux Suede Stitching Round Toe High Top Mid Chunky Heel Zipper Boots Blue wue3Ew

Mainers visiting the Spotsylvania Court House battlefield will find no monuments dedicated to Pine Tree State regiments. A few Union monuments stand here; the first encountered by visitors is the John Sedgwick monument at the intersection of Brock Road and Grant Drive. The low-key monument marks the spot where the Sixth Corps commander offered himself one time too many times as a target to Confederate sharpshooters.

Located at the intersection of Brock Road and Grant Drive in Spotsylvania County, Va. is the Spotsylvania Battlefield Exhibit Shelter. Maintained by the National Park Service and occasionally staffed by a park ranger, the shelter contains maps and information detailing the May 8-21, 1864 Battle of Spotsylvania Court House. Many Maine soldiers fought in this two-week bloodbath. (Brian Swartz Photo)

The greatest concentration of monuments, both North and South, exists at the Bloody Angle, a charnel house historically submerged by the lesser slaughter at Antietam’s Sunken Lane in September 1862. That bloody encounter was over in a few hours; the personalized murder at the Bloody Angle dragged on for 22 hours.

So if no Maine monuments stand at Spotsylvania Court House, then no Maine soldiers fought here, visitors might assume.

They would be incorrect. Great violence occurred across this bucolic landscape southwest of Fredericksburg – and Maine boys were in the thick of it.

Union Gen. John Sedgwick commanded the Sixth Corps of the Army of the Potomac during the opening days of the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House. On May 9, 1864, as his men fought from behind their entrenchments facing Confederate-held Laurel Hill, Sedgwick moved along the lines and encouraged his soldiers. A Confederate sniper shot Sedgwick dead; in May 1887 the survivors of the Sixth Corps erected this monument in honor of their beloved commander. The Sedgwick Monument is the first monument encountered by modern visitors to the battlefield. (Brian Swartz Photo)

A national park preserves the key features of Spotsylvania Court House: Laurel Hill, the Mule Shoe, and the Confederate trenches extending east to modern Route 208. Most visitors overlook Laurel Hill, which lies across from Grant Drive on a dangerous-for-pedestrians curve of the well-traveled Brock Road. Until the field grass reaches an adequate height each spring, the mown trails are not clearly marked.

Visitors may not understand that the main component of the preserved battlefield is the Mule Shoe, the heavily fortified salient that Robert E. Lee ordered built during the battle’s early stages. Grant Drive “enters” the Mule Shoe near the Bloody Angle; Gordon Drive (named for Confederate Gen. John B. Gordon) “exits” the salient at its “East Face.” There are several places where visitors can park their cars and walk along the trenches; do stay on the marked trails — or at least do not walk on the surviving Confederate trenches.

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